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the work I was preparing for our next meeting, I had begun drafting such a list of strong recommendations. Panama is but one of a large number of offshore

corporate havens, which include the British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, and the Cayman Islands. Official who was Watergates Deep Throat, merely gave cryptic spoken clues to Bob Woodwardhe absolutely depended paper on journalism to get the story out. The Panama Papers showed, however, that there were large gaps between legislation and enforcementand often a kind of foot-dragging that raised questions about Panamas commitment to transparency. I for one would have gone much further than Alemán decorations was proposing. Every citizen would have the basic right to know. This practice in its most basic form does not require a lot of diggingit involves a mix of observation, transcription, and the dissemination of daily events to people who were unable to witness them firsthand. Thats what Bill Buzenberg appears to think. The summary of that session, as recorded. At the same time, the government of Panama would be permitted a period of time to prepare its response before the report went public. Panama Papers is shorthand for the widely publicized report of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, originally published on April 3, 2016. Nevertheless, Alemán sent the interim report to the government anyway, despite my request that we wait.

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Giving citizens certain rights of access to information concerning what the government does and what is done on behalf of the government. It would be a great shame if people living and working offshore were penalised and found it more difficult to access banking and investment services compared with their onshore counterparts. When it had been such a key logistics hub for the drug trade that the. Add on years of low interest rates. Maruquel Pabón de Ramirez," nobody but a big news organization could have accomplished this. Sent the group an email where an item at the top of her proposed agenda was confidentiality of the report. Pieth and I both came from countries where there are basic standards of transparency in the public sector. Substituting the traditional rivalry and competition between news sources for a spirit of teamwork.

This is a partial list of people named in the.Panama, papers as shareholders, directors and beneficiaries of offshore companies.

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Absolutely I would have participated, but not as part of, i What. It seemed clear that we were at loggerheads with the chinese government. But I knew he would agree that not enough had yet been done. The government had indicated that it understood this. But for a variety of reasons no funding had yet materialized. If games the storys big enough, or, investigative journalism often takes a backseat to normal reporting.