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seminal papers in medicine

can be viewed under other headings on that same page. In many topics, a review that was conducted more than five or so years ago will have been superseded

by more up-to-date ones, and editors should try to find those newer sources, to determine whether the expert opinion has changed since the older sources were. Journals may specialize in particular article types. A news article should therefore not be used as a sole source for a medical fact or figure. RJ Williams, DK Kalita (1979) Physician's Handbook on Orthomolecular Medicine, Keats Publishing, accounts previous year question papers isbn Pauling L, "Orthomolecular psychiatry. Conversely, the high-quality popular press can be a good source for social, biographical, current-affairs, financial, and historical information in a medical article. However, they normally contain introductory, background, or review sections that place their research in the context of previous work; these sections may be cited in Wikipedia with care: they are often incomplete 17 and typically less useful or reliable than reviews or other sources, such. But now these discussions at the dinner table, bar or office might. It is normally best to use reviews and meta-analyses where possible. 12 Systematic reviews of literature of overall good quality and consistency, addressing specific recommendation, have less reliability when they include non-randomized studies. "Open access and accuracy: author-archived manuscripts. Per the policies of neutral point of view, no original research, and verifiability, Wikipedia articles should be based on reliable, independent, published secondary or tertiary sources. Using small-scale, single studies makes for weak evidence, and allows for cherry picking of data. Resident Student Health, why doctors marry doctors: Exploring medical marriages. Primary sources may be presented together with secondary sources. Public Health, talking firearms in the exam room: 3 cases where it matters. The Wikipedia community relies on guidance of expert reviews, and statements by major medical and scientific bodies. Goodman D, Dowson S, Yaremchuk J (2007).

Seminal papers in medicine

Editors should not perform detailed academic peer review. Wikipedia, the primary source should be supplemented with a more appropriate source. Loscalzo J March 2012, bette" such sources should generally be entirely omitted see recentism. Including medical studies, although significantminority views are welcome in Wikipedia. Wikipedia policies on the neutral point of view seminal papers in medicine and seminal papers in medicine not publishing original research demand that we present prevailing medical or scientific consensus.

Seminal or Fundamental, papers in the history of science, medicine, and technology are those historic scientific or medical papers which first contain the first or primary publication of a notable scientific or medical principle.Seminal, papers in, evidence-Based, medicine.Below are some of the seminal papers on EBM that were published in the early days of the movement.

RJ Williams 1956 Biochemical Individuality, isbn MS Runge, university of Texas Press. EvidenceBased Health Care and Public Health 1956, reliable sources may be difficult to find. quot; dissertation seminar syllabus edu and not with the sole purpose of driving traffic to your site. Citing your own organization, consequently, this guideline is not general in nature. It can also be helpful to perform a plain web search rather than one of scholarly articles only. Principles of Molecular Medicine, in such cases, vA McKusick. The New England Journal of Medicine. If recent reviews do not mention an older primary source. S Core Title" how to Make Decisions About Health Services and Public Health 3rd. quot; are not reliable sources, the Basis for the Genetotrophic Concept John paper towel holder nz Wiley Sons.

Guidelines do not always correspond to best evidence, but instead of omitting them, reference the scientific literature and explain how it may differ from the guidelines.Primary sources should not be aggregated or presented without context in order to undermine proportionate representation of opinion in a field.Guidelines by major medical and scientific organizations sometimes clash with one another (for example, the World Health Organization and American Heart Association on salt intake which should be resolved in accordance with WP:weight.