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says paper jam but there's not

problem, I'm sure they know exactly what's causing it and are happy it has made them millions. At those times, try to observe anything the paper is touching as

you remove it-it is relatively easy to generate sufficient force to knock a sensor flag out of position. This will expose the main board and the black arm very easily seen and very easy to access to correct the position. Remove the remaining paper from the paper supply tray. It will not always be possibly to do this. The position is actually not that critical it just nugget market vacaville bamboo toilet paper available needs to be positioned correctly so it blocks the hall effect and is not hanging. No printing device has a capability to absorb a stray scrap of paper. Disconnect the power cord from the all-in-one. ALL copiers AND printers-sense jams this way. I was a Canon Tech for many years, hope this helps you all. If the problem returns, remove the print cartridges and wipe the electrical contacts before reinstalling them. Clean your rollersyes, you can do it! You will need to remove the back plastic cover piece that is under the scanner and that screw is on the left side near the hinge area just behind the hinge. Cleaning will only be a very temporary fix. It's a simple fix and it's due to epson's poor design. I took it apart and found out exactly what is going on with these printers. Note: All paper jams must be removed by pulling the paper out the back of the all-in-one using the rear access door. Close the print cartridge access door. The tabs will eventually sag downward and will either bind up the arm so it cannot fully swing closed again or it will move the thin part so it hangs up on the rollers and will not allow the arm to fuller return to the.

Plug the power cord back, try this, they will become sticky when cleaned. So the cause of the jam is due directly to the tabs that epson has in place to hold that black or brown arm in position. Follow these steps to correct the problem. Try to never run preprinted paper thru again. The other end goes to the middle of the paper feed area and has a thin arm that sticks in between the rollers and it swings when paper is fed past. Verify that the print cartridge door is closed. It could easily be avoided with a tiny bit more paper metal allowed on the tab or just a simple extra bend on the edge to add a tiny bit of rigidity to stiffen the tab and hold the the position better. Open the access door and install the print cartridges. The screw will be running horizontally and will have the head facing left.

Also, The rear paper feeder will not feed paper anymore, it just keeps saying there is a paper jam & there is not.01/15/2016 by Donielle Gainous also check the position of the cd tray, it should be well embedded in the rollers, whereby its partially visible.Now it keeps telling me a paper jam- but there is no paper jammed.

Gently pull the genre analysis paper jammed paper free. Thanks, the arm will swing to open the area that is normally closed and will block the path of the switch. Ok thank you for the additional information. Twist it upwards while pushing, rita, if you put alcohol on rubber rollers. If the print carriage will not move freely. Canon has an excellent enduser advice forum. Try to regrip closer to the nip where the two rollers meet of the rollers. Discard any paper that is damaged or crumpled and then restack and reload the paper into the paper supply tray. But you wont be left without a printer because of a scrap floating around D most importantly.

So that needed to be re-centered between the rollers.The sensor works off of a small black or brown piece of plastic that runs across the back of the roller assembly that catches the edge of the paper to get it started into the carriage area.