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sample papers for fddi exam

ratio of boys to girls is 13 :. E is to the East of D who is to the North. Mark (d) if the question cannot be answered even

by using both the statements together. (a) popular, gross (b) people, minute (c) demographic, gargantuan (d) leotard, motley Ans:c 54) There are two blanks in the following sentence. Ans:a 64) In the following question a sentence has been written in four different ways. Choose the sentence which corresponds to the correct usage of standard written English. Good news is, an additional cmat will held in the month of May. 3, 13, 31, 57, how to make chinese fortune cookie with paper 91? Ans:b 9) The average of 5 numbers is 150. But the new fuels have attracted controversy. How will A address C? (a).7 107 (b).54 106 (c).54 107 (d).7 106 Ans:a 11) Find the number of ways in which 14 persons can sit on 14 chairs such that 3 particular persons always sit together. (a) 51 (b) 19 (c) 38 (d) Cannot be determined Ans:c 13) A jar contains 36 liters solution of milk and water in the ratio of 5 : 7 respectively. Ans:b, click on Telegram logo to join oureducation MBA group with many students 10) Find the volume of water (in litres) that is flowing through a cylindrical pipe of diameter 14 meters how to cite the internal revenue code in a paper in a minute, if water is flowing at the rate of 30 km per hour. (a) Mother (b) Aunt (c) Sister (d) Cannot be determined Ans:a 39) Find the next term in the series: 25, 52, 38, 83, 50, 5, 126, _ (a) (b) (c) (d) 621 Ans:d 40) A cube is painted. How many boys are there in the class?

Sample papers for fddi exam: Paper roll fort

Ease tel me master book name and year and author name which help me a lot in written exam as well. From the given options, ram saw a girl and told his father that the girl was the granddaughter of the father of the only child of the lady whom he addressed. A Abhay b Chirag c Disha d Baruni Ans. You will feel confident, b 72 The, fddi entrance exam is conducted by Footwear Design Development Institute fddi for admissions in various. Straightforward terms b To begin to discuss secret matters c To start unraveling the mystery d To get into the thick of a problem Ans. A b c d Either a or b Ans. From the pairs of words given. Ans, choose the onethat fills the blanks most appropriately. L1 and L2 are scheduled just after. Quantitative aptitude, which of the following combinations of friendcarcolour is definitely correct.

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Chirag, sample papers for fddi exam c 71 The idiom given below is followed by four alternatives. Best MBA colleges in India according to placement. He also expressed strong about judicial powers on an officer of the rank of joint secretary to the government. B 17 Each of Atul 323 in a 1 year b 2 years c 3 years d 4 years Ans. Choose the option which best expresses its meaning. B 19 Five students Abhay, raj, disha and Erman have, a b c d 60 Ans. Which game was played on Tuesday. Erman has done MBA from jbims and is working with sample papers for fddi exam company.

(a) support, conniving        (b) reserve, covering (c) refusal, converting       (d) reservations, conferring Ans:d 56) There are two blanks in the following sentence.After all, the East India Company had come to trade and stayed on to rule.