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value of mirc to the radiology community. Fortunately the Boolean query syntax used by mirc is very similar to the query syntax used to search the teaching le from

its own Web interface, which meant that only slight modications to the existing code were required. Occasional updates to the initial interface were required to accommodate the evolving schemas of the mircquery and mircqueryresult documents. Most of that time was spent on three tasks. After all the storage services have responded, the results are collated by the query service and presented to the user. Because of its close integration with the radiologists workow, the teaching le system is now used by all the sections within the department, and has completely replaced lm-based teaching les. To learn more, view our. Communication between the query and storage services consists of the exchange of XML documents. The user then clicks on the link associated with each 182, tellis AND andriole, fig. The mircqueryresult document contains descriptors, such as a title, abstract, and URL, for the content matching the specied search criteria. Results, a working implementation of the interface required only 3 days of development time, with. Quin L: Extensible Markup Language (XML). The teaching and mirc interface were. These identiers are then stored with a teaching le when it is created. Tellis WM, Andriole KP, Avrin DE, et al: Web technology in the integration of digital teaching le at the diagnostic workstation. Document types commonly used for education stanton a glantz phd or research purposes include html pages, PDF les, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and dicom or tiff images. M/ expat4d m, 2003). Images are entered using the pacs vendors summary series feature, which permits a radiologist to specify the key images within a study as well as the optimal presentation settings such as window/level and mirror/rotation values. Upon submission of this form, the query service sends each selected storage service a mircquery XML document via http (hypertext transfer protocol) post.3 The mircquery document contains the query criteria specied by the user. Implementinirc query interface 181, fig. Most of the development eort was spent mapping mircs query syntax to the database engines internal query language and establishing safeguards for protecting patient identiers. The database engine underlying the teaching le is the 4th Dimension (4D) rdbms (relational database management system) (4D Inc., San Jose, CA). Skip to main content, academia. Radiologists at ucsf extensively use patient identiers, such as patient name, medical record number, or visit number, to access teaching les. Approximately 12,000 distinct cases have been entered since the system rst became operational in 1998. These queries take place through the exchange of XML documents via http. Services have responded, the results are collated by the query service and presented to the user. It is important to note that these links direct the user to the storage service itself; none of the content is hosted on the query service. The nal issue, which was resolved over the months subsequent to the initial implementation, was the need to anonymize cases. Lafon Y: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http).

Mirc, mirc is the product of an rsnasponsored initiative to enable medical institutions to share their electronic medical content images. Mircs reliance on paper http and XML greatly reduced development time by allowing the author to use existing software components when building the network piece of the interface. Or as both a query, andriole This paper describes the authors experience with integrating an existing databasedriven teaching file with the rsna Radiological Society of North America Medical Imaging Resource Center mirc. Discussion, distributed query, by hosting the content to be shared. Technical documentation on mirc can be found on the rsna mirc site. Edu uses cookies to personalize content 4th dimension rdbms, xML, tellis AND andriole, journal of Digital Imaging. You agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.

Mirc is a free software server program to store radiology teaching files.It was created and is supported by the Radiological Society of North America (rsna).Introduction: mirc for NIH Research Networks.

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Once a summary series has been created. Located at institutions worldwide, cA, implementing a mirc interface papers for a database driven teaching file. A demo system containing 83 fully anonymized teaching le cases was used as a test bed. All access to the system is password protected and uses SSL secure socket layer encryption.

Selected projects are listed below.Media) by creating a distributed repository accessible from the Internet.