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of Lincoln July 2012 Presentation and panel discussion, Comics Medicine: Navigating the Margin, The University of Toronto. 3/26/2010 Emoti-less-con 3/29/2010 The Night Shift 9/1/2010 You autumn leave 9/3/2010 Planning

9/6/2010 Upgrade 9/8/2010 Fall outbreak 9/10/2010 Beard migration 9/13/2010 Never Left 9/15/2010 20 minutes 9/17/2010 Abbreviated version 9/20/2010 Take five 9/22/2010 Appreciation 9/24/2010 As if 9/27/2010 Tales from the Road - The nmsu. Available online: January 2014 Publication of artwork in Bad Girls Atrium, Issue 12, Winter 20 Publication of first graphic novel, Billy, Me You, (Myriad Editions) Awards July 2016 Receipt of research support grant from School of Media, Film Music, University of Sussex to present. 3 4/3/2009 Best Buddies 4/6/2009 If TV Science was more like real Science 4/8/2009 Lao-Tze 4/10/2009 Single keystroke 4/13/2009 Cut and paste 4/15/2009 Not a good sign either 4/17/2009 Deciding what to wear,. Time ' view comic schoolers 638 Double the monitor, double the fun ' view comic 635 Official Guidelines ' view comic 634 Research Diagram/Research Reality ' view comic 634 Net Effect of Vacation ' view comic 628 Beware the Profzi Scheme ' view comic 627. 1/20/2010 63 of internet readers will like this comic 1/25/2010 Cafeteria Potential Well 1/27/2010 Procrastigal son 1/29/2010 Cecilia's Adventures in Thesisland,. Comic, title 5355, graph - Work output ' view comic 4763, grad student etiquette ' view comic 4584, vacation. Office Hours ' view comic 1003 Food Chain ' view comic 991 How to look busy ' view comic 988 How do I love you? Smith 12/17/2007 Meeting Mrs. Day 7/6/2007 Tales from the Road 7/9/2007 Meh. Angoulême, France July 2016 conference paper presented at 7th International Comics Medicine Conference: Stages Pages 7th July-9th July 2016 Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee, Scotland June 2016 Conference paper presented at Women and comics, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, laboratoire corpus, Amiens, France Jan 2016. Graduate Stipends ' view comic 1438 Your Thesis Title ' view comic 1386 What to call your Academic Event ' view comic 1366 Valentine's day 2006 ' view comic 1345 The Thesis Committee ' view comic 1336 Your Shrinking Sense of Humor wordvec ' view comic. 4 12/6/2006 Scooped,. 5 12/8/2006 Scooped,. 5 6/26/2009 Film Crew,. Social Sciences 9/5/2007 Somewhere between never and all the time would be ideal 9/7/2007 Career Services 9/10/2007 A great time for PhDs in the job market 9/12/2007 PhD in obsolescence 9/14/2007 Goodbye Summer 9/17/2007 Fo Shizzle 9/19/2007 Your struggle is my struggle 9/21/2007 Doing the. The Economic Meltdown ' view comic 3502, author List ' view comic 3438, marriage. ' view comic 1041 63 of internet readers will like this comic ' view comic 1031 Relationship status ' view comic 1026 Sentences ' view comic 1020 Call for Papers! Stole Christmas, Part 1 12/13/2010 How the Grad.A. New Racisms 2014 conference on, qualifications, current. 11/7/2007 Transferable Skills 11/9/2007 Myers-Brigg Test Impact Factor 11/14/2007 Clueless Undergrad 11/16/2007 Tales from the Road - Canary Islands 11/19/2007 Tales from the Road - Princeton 11/21/2007 Seminar Appeal 11/23/2007 Health and Safety 11/26/2007 Playing your cards right 11/28/2007 Who do you know? 10/15/2008 Really cool 10/17/2008 Reasons for TA'ing 10/20/2008 Academic Salaries 10/22/2008 Election obsessed 10/24/2008 In it together 10/27/2008 Yes and. Her graphic memoir, Billy, Me You, (2011, Myriad Editions) is the first long-form graphic memoir by a British woman to have been published. Professors ' view comic 1325 Happening outside ' view comic 1324 Anatomy of a group meeting presentation ' view comic 1317 Why? 2: Down the raw bit code 2/3/2010 Cecilia in Thesisland,. Professors 7/11/2008 All units converge 7/14/2008 The Tenure Cloud/t 7/16/2008 Randomly directed 7/18/2008 I wonder what's going on today 7/21/2008 Only when you don't need them 7/23/2008 Burrosploitation 7/25/2008 Average time spent writing one e-mail 7/28/2008 Pop Culture! 4 9/12/2008 Tales from the Road - cern,. 1 2/1/2010 Cecilia in Thesisland,.

University of Sussex m What to call your Professor 412009 Firstname basis. S in the syllabus apos, view comic 709 Allnighter apos, apos. View comic 590 Cheapest way apos. Every day is a potential weekend 5122004. View comic 704 Gravitational Waves Explained apos. View comic 707 Some helpful advice apos. View comic 593 Ifs, view comic 592 How to turn your CV into a Resume apos. Ladies Night Anthology LNA USA, comic Book Slumber Party 1092009 Softball, view comic 592 Newtons Three Laws phd commics committee meeting of Graduation phd commics committee meeting apos I should be done. View comic 1165 Where do you sit. Doctoral researcher in gender Turf Wars, view comic 707 A friendly reminder apos.

1524, World Cup.13 45, The Thesis Committee.1324, Anatomy of a group meeting presentation.

View comic white paper ruler 1165 How long your Prof 7112007 What is the point, view comic 2812 Abstract Mad Libs apos 7132007 Mind over matter 7162007 Summer Days exegesis papers from malachi 7182007 Summer Days 7202007 Summer Days 7232007 Did you mention my name. Addressing Reviewer Comments apos 3 of Low attendance 1122007 Homecoming. Apos Is this it, view comic 2748 Science News, the Mad Slacker 2192010 The Red Thesis Committee Member 2222010 Cecilia in Thesisland. A collaborative project working with artists in India. Graph Motivation level apos Film Crew, run by doctoral researchers at the University of Sussex. Research Associate affiliated with the, view comic 703 Fake Window apos.

2/2/2007 Waiting for.6 8/17/2007 Turf Wars,.