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paper windmill blades

double-sides tape onto the back of the pinwheel, right over the cardstock circle. Similarly, if the pinwheel's front side is facing your left and you blow into the side

of the blades, they will spin quickly counterclockwise if you blow on the top half (into the cups) but will spin slowly clockwise if you blow on the bottom. Consequently, if you are using a typical pinwheel, turn it so that the front side is facing your right and blow into the side of the blades. Stop when you are about a third of the way from the center. Make sure that you catch all four corners, and that the pin goes out the middle of the paper. Then blow on the bottom half of the blades. For more details on how to create this setup, see the Science Buddies project idea in the "More to explore" section. Also, make sure that the corners all overlap in the center. If the pin is loose, take it out, add a bead of glue into the hole, then push it back in again. Click here to share your story. They do not spin like regular pinwheels. Flip the disk over so that the back is facing you. How does it compare with blowing on the front of the pinwheel? Keep connecting the strips until paper windmill blades you have one long strip. Windmills are examples of wind turbines that convert wind energy into mechanical energy. Imagine that the pinwheel is a wind turbine, and when it spins in this direction it is turning the energy of the wind into electrical energy. Avoid using plastic pony beads; they are too big. Repeat this step for the remaining three strips. About two inches out from the center, along each crease, make a small mark with a pen paper windmill blades or pencil. 18 Use a cup, jar, or lid to trace the circle. Fold diagonally again, this time on the opposite diagonal and open out. Method 3 Making a Decorative Pinwheel 1 Cut a sheet of patterned scrapbooking paper into four strips. 13 You don't have to do this step. Hobbycraft decorative stickers (we used, cath Kidston stickers, 6 for 100, from, quadrille ). Your paper will have short, stubby corners and long skinny ones.

24 centimeters will work the best. Like pony beads, on the other end of the shaft. Also react in different ways to wind direction. Cut along each line with craft scissors. Make the pilot hole in the dowel. Carefully make four holes with a skewer to the right of each crease near the squareapos. Paper clips, however 7, avoid using large beads, tie a piece of thread with small weights for example. But something around 6 inches. Place it against the narrow end of the next strip. Then press them paper windmill blades together, trim off one of the ends until both are folded in the same direction.

paper windmill blades

Learn how to to make.Paper windmill or pinwheel - a great.A sticker centrally on the windmill so that it holds the four blades in position.

How does the direction boulder phd application of the wind hitting the pinwheel affect how the blades spin. Give the pinwheel a test spin. How does this compare with how you feel when the wind is pushing against your back. Do not fold the paper 27 centimeters away from the tip.

Use the ruler as a guide to trace a neat line.7, scrapbooking paper works especially well for this, especially the double-sides kind.