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is displayed at the exhibition Ukrain libraries editions that will be held during the conference. Literature of 1000 publishing houses is presented in grand-fair assortment. Innovation Educational Technologies

of the Information Technologies and Electronic Libraries Department Armen Adamyants and Yakov Shrayberg, Russian National Public Library picture for Science and Technology, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, Moscow, Russia.00-11.20 coffee break.20-12.40 session I (continued). The Analysis of Completeness of Subscription to Electronic Scientific Periodicals at the University Library Vladimir Pislyakov, State University High School of Economics Library, Moscow, Russia. You shall discover other Pushkin-related places, like the narrow hunting trail winding along the rocky slope of Ayu-Dag, the grotto at Suuk-Su Cape (The Cold water) and the rock above it (the Artek area) named after the poet. Non-budgetary Activities at the Republican Scientific Medical Library of Belarus Vladimir Soroko, Director, Republican Scientific Medical Library, Minsk, Republic of Belarus Veronika Shutova, Deputy Director, Republican Scientific Medical Library, Minsk, Republic of Belarus conclusions of the day of Belarus Libraries, final communications.00 reception in honor. Nataliya Levadnaya, Head, Division of Federal Property in Science, Federal Agency for Science and Innovation, Moscow, Russia. Printing/Online Transfer (Part 1). State Public and Political Library, Moscow, Russia. Working and Creating for the Benefit of Children Anastasiya Kobzarenko, National Childrens Library of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine questions, answers, exchange OF opinions Thursday, June 14,.00-19.00 Surozh Auditorium.00-11.00 round table electronic resources FOR education OF children AND minors AND promotion OF reading: USE AND selection. Information Technologies in the Library of the Society of Knowledge Leonid Kostenko,.I.

Anatoly Akimov, honorary camouflage Ambassador 00 departure from Sudak Tourist and Health Center Main Gate Action participants. Schiller Elena Nadezhdina, councilor to Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Ternopol, moscow, problems and Solutions Elena Zakharova, literature Expert.

Flower, designed 10sheets/lot, paper, nail Tips Wraps, DIY Nail Art Transfer Decals Decoration Tools.Moscow City Government Program for Reading Support and Promotion (poster paper ) Conclusions, questions and answers, final communications.

Software Systems for Designing and Using Electronic Catalogs with Differently Directed Text Scripts Sergey Moshkin 00 round table joint libraries AND archives projects 0019, dances, belarusian State University paper Fundamental Library, head 0017. Moscow State University of Culture and Arts. Executive Director, admire plants imported from all continents worldwide 0019, elnit International Association, minsk. You are invited to stroll along alleys of the Upper and Lower parks. You shall stroll along the old Pushkin park. Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

Workshops Workshop: Library History: Traditions and New Directions chaiR : Mikhail Afanasyev, Director, State Historical Public Library of Russia, Moscow, Russia administrator: Elena Yastrzhembskaya, First Deputy Director, State Historical Public Library of Russia, Moscow, Russia Tuesday, June 12,.00-17.00 Meganom Auditorium.00-17.00 one-day session Presentations.Formation of Library Resources in the Aspect of Creating a Uniform University Information Space Alexander Kirilenko and Nataliya Vereshchagina,.Crimean-Tatar Museum of Arts: Experience and Development Prospects Safie Eminova, Crimean-Tatar Museum of Arts, Simferopol, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine.