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with this choke as it requires a lot of sensitivity and positional adjustments that can be hard to learn from video. The next step is to grab your

opponents cross-collar with your free arm. Next, you need to drop down your entire weight on your opponents torso. Apply pressure slowly and try to feel paper cutter choke north south and see if your opponent is passing out. While the north-south position is considered distinct from side control, in terms of scoring, there is no difference. You can use whichever arm you have free and put it in front of your throat this will block the choke altogether. Normally, this is not such a bad thing for chokes in terms of big risks for injuries occurring while doing them.

Everyone should be fine in the end. The nogi choke from this position. Jokes aside, there is a referee that will oversee whether your opponent has gone to sleep without you noticing. In this article we will take a look at some of the uses of this position as large paper fam well as some of the most common submissions from there. Chokes are some of the most important tools of the trade when it comes to the sport and martial art of BJJ. Now lets take a look at some of the reasons a grappler might wish to transition to the northsouth position from side control. And finally, the northsouth choke, in the nogi scoring system,. Its in the nature of the move that its so sudden. Paper Cutter Choke Defense, since the choke comes from your opponents hand at your throat.

The Paper Cutter Choke is a very powerful, very sudden choke that you can.Which you can implement and execute this choke is north-south.Kimura/Armbar; Breadcutter choke; North South Choke.

It bobs has got to be the NorthSouth position. See if it works out for you. If you see this and youre in sparring then the smartest thing to do is let the choke go and make a mental note that you have won against your opponent with that choke.

The match will soon be over once they tap out or fall asleep.On the current competition scene, Rafael Lovato Jr has made the kimura one of his top submissions, with numerous kimura submission wins against high level opponents.In particular, if you have trouble controlling larger opponents from the top, you may want to consider focusing more on this position as it will be a very valuable tool in your arsenal.