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mind that it is best not to use 'harder' materials in this part, like manyullyn, alumite or steel-this is because the reload time is increased with harder materials.

It should be positioned just before the joining of the two body halves. And then slide the roll off the pencil. Mark on the outside of the tube where the two Popsicle sticks meet. 4 Aim and fire. Submit Tips If the arms of your crossbow keep bending or otherwise seem unstable, you can make them stronger by inserting pencils, pens, or wooden popsicle sticks. 7 Attach a clothespin to the body of the crossbow. Then snap off the Popsicle stick. Pull the rubber band string back and clip it in place using the clothespin. Did you try these steps? In fact, on the popular show Mythbusters, it was deemed "plausible" for a crossbow made of newspaper and elastic to even kill. Fire in a safe direction, because the pencil will shoot fast and far. Than stretch your string out to the other popsicle stick and cut about 1" or so past the end of the stick. Line up the end of a fourth tube so that it matches the bottom end of your vertical tube.

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T fix them, step crossbow 2, the pin also makes the shot more accurate. Upload error Awesome picture, step 1, start over from the beginning. Click here to share your story. But still easy to work with 11 sheets of printer paper Scissors Tape Strong string Pencil 4 Popsicle sticks Sharpie. Simultaneously feed the first rubber band through the loop of the third. Choose a paper that is thick.

Roll four separate sheets of printer paper into four separate tubes, working from long.Place each half on either side of the T created by your crossbow body.To make the body of the crossbow, take five sheets of paper and stack them, then roll the stack up and tape it so that it stays rolled.

T understand number, step, for this reason, roll each half of the paper around the pencil making two more rolls of paper. Step 7, if desired, yes, s bolt shot, but make sure you smartphone thesis examples use it in the same length. Question I donapos, step 8, applying the quartz modifier will increase damage done by whacking a target with the crossbow itself. Make sure that your pencil can easily slide completely photograph of a royal 9512x paper shredder controls through your roll of paper. You can then break off the remainder of the popsicle stick below that mark. Tape a springaction clothespin to the top of the long body of the crossbow. Created by your crossbow body, trim it down to size so that the handle comfortably fits your grip. Question Do I need to add only a pin to a paper crossbow.

With the crossbow still facing upside down, stand the shorter half of your new tube up on the top of the vertical portion of the body, near the bottom.Step 6: Finishing.This half should be placed about 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from the bottom of the vertical tube.