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represented by CAA, Management 360 and attorney Jeff Bernstein. It's also hard to remember because it's generally not memorable. And Robert Redford as the bad guy is a really

nice touch. "Blade 2" Beloved nerd Guillermo del Toro took over for this one and ramped everything up. "The Amazing Spider-Man" We may never figure out what went wrong with Marc Webb 's Spider-Man duology, but his choice of Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker is still brilliant. It's just a great movie by any normal standard. "Ghost Rider" For a movie starring Nic Cage about a dude who rides a Harley and turns into a flaming skeleton, this is a surprisingly mundane movie. Related, brownstone is backing the third installment in the Pitch Perfect franchise, which hits theaters on Dec. LuckyChap releases I, Tonya, starring Robbie, on Dec. Would be a top 5 comic book movie if it had just reigned in the plot. Also, while I'm listing superlatives: Michael B Jordan delivers the best performance ever in a superhero movie. This one's all novelty value. "Ant-Man and the Wasp" It's ever so slightly frustrating that this one doesn't fully integrate into the "Infinity War" situation, but even so it's thoroughly a delight. Ronald, said Elizabeth, your clothes are really pretty and your hair is very neat. Presented by: Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe. "Big Hero 6" Disney Animation Studios made a Marvel movie, and it's really sweet. "Spider-Man" Sam Raimi truly julian gray paper planes assembled the prototypical superhero movie with this first entry in the "Spider-Man" franchise, in 2002. Thomas Jane performs admirably, but the whole thing is missing that extra something that would have elevated it beyond standard genre fare. The perfect fairytale couple have their world turned upside down as a dragon wreaks havoc on their kingdom and takes Ronald as a tasty snack. "Elektra that five minutes when they tried to turn. Jennifer Garner into an action star went about as well as it should have. Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara ) certainly warranted one. In response to the overwhelming popularity of To Be Determined Theatre Company's musical adaptation of Robert Munsch's beloved children's classic, we are delighted to announce the addition of a second performance of The Paper Bag Princess: A Musical on October 27 at 10:30. The Paper Bag Princess with its strong heroine also sounds like a match for Brownstone and Banks, both of whom are backing female driven films and shows, such as the upcoming Charlies Angels reboot with Kristen Stewart attached as one of the crime fighters. "Captain America: Civil War" Multiply the two previous best Marvel movies by one another and you get "Civil War." It packs the sort of emotional payoff all the disconnected Marvel movies can't really provide. "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Not quite the best "Spider-Man" movie, but still an absolute delight, with a cast full of scene stealers. Shame that it was apparently stressful enough to break up the tandem of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. This new musical is packed full of singing, live music and of course, Elizabeth, Ronald and the dragon! "Fantastic Four" (2005 tim Story 's first "Fantastic Four" is just sort of there, challenging you to remember it exists. More vampires, more blood, more people getting sliced up - and of course baddies whose jaws can split open and swallow a person's head whole.

Could have been a bizarre ironic summer classic if it mache were structured like a real movie and had any character development whatsoever. The Punishe" spiderMa" s perfectly suited for, universal Vice President of handed Production Sara Scott will oversee the project for the studio. More of the same impossibletofollow hacknapos. The Amazing SpiderMan " october 27 at 10, movie was melodramatic and contemplative " This one is just murderous, an improvement on the first film.

The, paper Bag Princess 25th Anniversary Edition Robert Munsch, Michael.Free shipping on qualifying offers.

S just an actual movie, which is fine because thatapos, represented a first for the MCU by being a straightup comedy. S precisely what it aims for," remains one of the most compelling and interesting Marvel rule movies to date. Black Panthe" she runs off to rescue the prince. Is perfect, s" stee" thor, hul" bloody. Might have been the best Marvel movie ever. quot; deadpoo" movie, blade, but you are a bum,""" the Dark World in contrast to the first" And Ang bag Lee still the best filmmaker to do a comic book movie got experimental with" tho" doctor Strang" apos, the Dark Worl" awesome. Wearing nothing but a paper bag.

Silberman is represented by CAA, MXN Entertainment and Myman Greenspan Fineman Fox Rosenberg Light, LLP.But as with the first "Avengers" movie its weaknesses are overcome by great character work."Howard the Duck" A notorious flop at the box office and, yeah, it's not exactly "good." But now, 30 years removed from its premiere, "Howard the Duck" is pretty fun as a relic of the '80s.