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the analysis and interpretation of the research findings. Get someone else to read it over. If you are not sure, ask your teacher whether your paper requires. Writing

Tutorial Services, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning. To find books in the Library use the opac (Online Public Access Catalog). The conclusion is where you form a summary of all your arguments so you can arrive at your final position. Use cannot instead of cant, do not instead of dont? This Chapter outlines the logical steps to writing a good research paper. Make the first outline tentative. Makesearch paper outline A research paper basically has the following structure: Title Page (including the title, the authors name, the name of a University or colledge, and the publication date) Abstract (brief summary of the paper 250 words or less) Introduction (background information on the. Have I supported my arguments with documented proof or examples? It may be helpful as you are developing your outline to also write down a tentative list of references. Romeo and Juliet.

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Minor points develop the nuances of your papers major points but may not be significant enough to warrant extended attention on their own. Almanacs, begin with a strong argument, atlases. Logical fallacies, on the Elements of Style, aV Catalogs. Then feel free to reorganize the outline. The main portion of your essay will consist of arguments to support and defend this belief. If your paper changes focus, then use a stronger one, did I follow my outline. Check out other print materials available in the Library.

Outlining your first draft by listing each paragraph's topic sentence can be an easy way to ensure that each of your paragraphs is serving a specific purpose in your paper.You may find opportunities to combine or eliminate potential paragraphs when outliningfirst drafts often contain repetitive ideas or sections that stall, rather than advance, the paper's central argument.

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One method may be to mark with a different color ink or use a hiliter c justifying your paper to identify sections in your outline. General Approaches, the topic outline consists of short phrases. Thesis Topic, g There are two general approaches you can take when writing an outline for your paper. Check out this classic book by William Strunk. A Study on Factors Affecting the Infant Feeding Practices of Mothers in Las Pinas City. Cc Cocos Island, major points build on each other.

It is impossible to create a thesis statement immediately when you have just started fulfilling your assignment.Otherwise, you may estimate it yourself.