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lse international relations phd thesis

Lukas (2014) Essays on bicameral coalition formation: dynamics of legislative cooperation in the European Union. Williams, Martin (2016) The organizational basis of government in developing countries: management and policy

implementation in Ghanas public sector. Matisonn, Heidi (2010) Miracle or misery?: understanding democratic participation in South Africa. Lensu, Maria (2004) Respect for culture and customs in international humanitarian assistance: Implications for principles and policy. Workman, Anna (2013) Success versus failure in local public goods provision: council and chiefly governance in post-war Makeni, Sierra Leone. This proposal will allow us to assess the potential of the proposed project and especially the availability of appropriate supervision within the Department. Wagner, Rikke (2013) Exit as voice: transnational citizenship practices in response to Denmarks family unification policy. PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Chen, Chun-hung (2008) Universalism with humility: Grounding human rights in a diverse world. Jones, Ivor (2015) Open or Closed? Pragasam, Nirad (2012) Tigers on the mind: an interrogation of conflict diasporas and long ilford galerie fb paper distance nationalism. Huber, Jakob (2017 kant and the global standpoint. Laveille, Yasmine (2016) Contestation in marginalised spaces: dynamics of popular mobilisation and demobilisation in upper Egypt since PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Blumenau, Jack (2016) Essays in legislative politics: legislative leaders and Parliamentary behaviour. Whiting, Matthew (2013) Defying moderation? Kirchbach, Jorge Leal (2000) The politics of privatization policies at local level in Mexico: The case of the water utilities in Aguascalientes. Which member(s) of the department might be suitable supervisors and why? Zoido Oses, Paula (2016 between history and philosophy: Isaiah Berlin on political theory and hermeneutics. Please note that not all print PhD theses have been digitised.

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