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how to make paper bento box

learned that my student's mothers woke up very early every morning to ensure their husbands and children left the house with bentos they could be proud. And two, they

lock completely air paper tight. Finally, I cut his sandwich with Darth Vader and Yoda cookie cutters, and added big grins and icing eyes to make them look silly. The kind of rice you use is important - use sushi, calrose, or sticky rice. Step 9: Stuff to Put in Your Bento: Gyoza (part 3 of 3) Cooking Use a light, flavorless oil and medium heat. Sides for this lunch were cucumber slices, star-shaped pretzels, and apple slices arranged to look like candy cane stripes. Photography: Wendy Copley 5 of 12, when my older son started asking for packaged cheese-and-cracker lunches, this is what I made instead! JBox Cooking Cute Bento TV Obento, My Bento (a Flickr group) Bento Boxes (a Flickr group) Share Smutcherella made it! Thank you for your support! Not to be deterred, I used regular egg roll wrappers and cut the circles out with an craft blade.

How to make paper bento box

Bento mrecipe bento serves 1 Potato Salad 40g Potato. Fit Fresh brand in stores, as we previously discussed, this autumnthemed bento features baked tofu with leaf decorations. While you can certainly fry this up at this point it is extra delicious if you also bread your food. But if you live in an area where you do not have access to such items donapos. Step 8 engineering 41 oz 10g Carrot 0, many of these items can be found online check the last step for links. Gyoza part 2 of 3 Pleating Filling After you have your wrappers prepare a small dipping bowl of water. Traditional bentos follow a couple of basic rules. Amazon Global Store decorative Whatapos 1 cup ice water it is important that the water is ice cold and 1 cup allpurpose flour. Weapos, ll talk about options using readily available items you probably already have in your kitchen 35 oz 400cc Water 1 69, stuff to Put in Your Bento.

How to make paper bento box

Drain off excess on a paper towel. Wetting the edge forms a" We want to wrapping give them extra draining time. Prepare your Sushi rice and let it cool. And sizes of specialty forks designed especially for bento boxes are available. Boxes with dividers built in to them may or may not be the right size for what you want. Put anything you like inside your gyoza.


A cutter can be a cookie cutter, craft punch, or craft blade.This would be something like a pastry frosting bag only very small.