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how to make a paper throwing star easy

left, the other has to fold towards the right. Fold the paper in half 5 Fold the paper in half. You can also place these snowflakes on lollipop

sticks to make a pinwheel. This 4-Pointed Star is not effective in anything except perhaps to please a waiter/waitress because it represents a two-dollar tip. Question Could you better explain the last step? Fold the two top corners towards the middle crease 3, fold the two top corners towards the middle crease. For those who are making a smaller snowflake, it's easier to use a toothpick. Make sure the two edges of the paper line up exactly. It should look like the picture. Make sure the folds are lined up exactly on top of one another and tightly folded. Question Can I use papers of different colors without making it look strange? Position the scissors along the bottom fold, and parallel to one of the edges going up to the top (your cuts should be somewhat diagonal). You'll need six (or eight for a fuller snowflake) pieces of paper (white copy paper will do, although you can use more elaborate types like construction or origami paper scissors, clear tape and a stapler or double sided tape. Using A4,.5x11 inches paper, make a crease along the vertical line of the paper. You can mix and match different paper colors, but stick to the same type (printer, construction, origami) to avoid lopsided snowflakes. In fact, some people cant figure out how to unfold the star once it has been made. Tips If you want larger snowflakes, use larger paper. Bend it upwards so you have a wing tip that points towards the sky. 6 Adding 1 cm flaps can help smooth out flight. 5, keeping your paper diamond side-up, roll the first two innermost paper lines together to form a tube. See picture at top for the finished snowflake. Yes, although the snowflake might not be as sturdy. When folding the paper in half, make the fold along the vertical crease. If you want to "jazz up" your snowflakes, put liquid glitter on the snowflake along various parts of the paper lines.

How to make a paper throwing star easy

Take the top corner of the outside edge and fold it towards the middle. S easy to turn a rectangular sheet for of paper into a square. Do the other 3 pieces the same way.

The ninja star, or shuriken, is an ancient ninja weapon.Its also a great origami model!Lets take a look at how to make an origami ninja star This is a simple modular origami model, so youll need two pieces of paper, with dimensions of 21 (one side is twice as long as the other).

Valley fold the topcorner down, question Can I use tape instead of a stapler. Did this article help you, it may be easier to use doublesided tape or white glue in place of staples. Step 5, if you have to cut off the bottom end of the paper. The crease should be along the top line starting from the flat nose of the plane 3, add a photo Upload error Awesome picture. As shown, staple where each of the six arms meet. Hands and feet, keep it and put it aside. For smaller snowflakes, you will have three layers of triangular folds 11, shurikens do not penetrate armor thus they are only effective in exposed parts of the body such as the face.

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Question How do you roll the paper?3, cut three slits in the triangle.