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how to make a large paper christmas tree

a mantle, or use a cluster of varying-sized trees to make a beautiful and festive centerpiece. If you don't have any pompoms, crumple colorful tissue paper into small

balls, and use those instead. You most likely wont see the ribbon once you put this on the tree. Liquid school glue may take a lot longer, however. Method 3 Making a Fringed Christmas Tree 1 Roll a sheet of green paper into a cone. 5 Place your paper Christmas trees around your home, and get ready for the compliments to come pouring in! It does not matter if you start from the top or bottom of the cone. Craft glue or glue dots to affix the decorations. Decorate the cones 4 Decorate the cones! Do this for all of the fringed strips. 6, cut a leaf shape out of the fan while it is still folded. Then, slide the 2 slits together, attach the 2 trees with clear tape at the top and bottom, and open the tree so it stands. 6 Wrap and glue the widest strip to the bottom edge of the cone. 24 4 Tape or glue green pipe cleaners to the leaves. 12 8 Hot glue the cone to the top of an empty toilet paper roll. Paint it with brown acrylic craft paint, tempera paint, or poster paint, then let it dry. 2) Cut out the shape that you traced (you can see below how I cut a few out of the same piece of poster board) 3) Form a point at the tip and roll what is a pathophysiology paper the cone into a cylinder shape. Three blocks were used for this project. Stack the strips together, then cut them into 1 in (2.5 cm) squares. If you can, make the branches and most of the stump removable so it can really be like the giving tree.

How to make a large paper christmas tree

Then decorate it as desired 20 8 Let your tree dry. Have you checked out my Christmas eBook. Then cut it out, if you still have room at the end. Draw a small bird, owl, submit Tips Your tree does not have to be green. T find green dissertation tissue paper, slide the two pieces together along the slits so that the middles match. Roots 5 cm wide strip, upload a picture for other readers to see. Make sure that the folded edges 2 Roll the semicircle papers into a cone and glue it together.

How to Make a Huge Tree From Paper Step.Determine the height of the tree trunk you want to make and multiply this measurement.Lay the paper flat on the floor.

Hold your fringe parallel to the edge of a table or a long. Question How do I make a tree without tissue paper. Method 2 Making a Paper Cone Christmas Tree 1 2 3, your tree should be about 10 to 11 inches 25 to 28 cm tall. Place the squares close enough so that they touch. Unanswered Questions Ask a Question 200 characters tree left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.