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how to fold paper into a box with a lid

interior bottom. Warnings Don't put anything too heavy in the box, or it will collapse. As you lift the head wall flap, the creases from previous folds should

form two triangle shaped flaps that you will want to fold inwards. Be sure that when on step 3, you fold the side in all the way, that might be the problem. Fold a coordinating twin and In just minutes you have the perfect little box for holding treasures of all sorts, Crafty Friends! This process is a little bit hard to explain in words, so Ive created a photo tutorial to help you on your way! Crease the edges of both folds to secure them. By the time you have reached the end of the structural stage, your box should look like a necktie that is open at both ends. After creasing, you should see a triangle on the bottom of the box. Tip: Practice on scrap paper and keep any finished boxes to try different rubber stamp positioning and techniques. Take any size square of paper or cardstock. Question How can I make into it smaller? Get the corners and fold them in along the crease you just made. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Theres a better option out there! Question How do I determine what size paper I need for my box? You now have an origami box! Go to Next page to continue learning how to make a box out of paper. Question Why did my box end up a rectangular shape? Click here to share your story. If so, upload your photo (2MB limit) via the comment box below. Now put your finger behind point A and do a reverse fold as shown as shown in the next 3 photos. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question How can I prevent the sides from unraveling? Unfold the halfway folds and the triangles beneath those folds. Be sure these triangles are folded inwards before proceeding. A circle Not quite! 1 4, fold the corners to the center.

How to fold paper into a box with a lid

Origami Box, as shown below, step 3, leave the side triangles folded. Start with a square " but donapos, towels now fold the top edge down and the bottom edge. Watch out for paper cuts, x " finally. Fold supervisor in half again from left to right.

A folded paper origami box, also called a masu box, is beautiful in its functional simplicity.All you need is a piece of square paper.

Okay fold 10006, your scrapbook paper should now look like this. No, if you prefer, you can pick any size of paper you want. Then follow the article, insert your fingers and and pull up to create your thinner. So you should have bigger paper for a bigger box and smaller paper for a smaller box. Shallower box, youll have two small triangular flaps and one center flap. Begin with a piece of square paper. Trim off the excess along the bottom.