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is practicing the sample papers. . Question 6: Under low level injection assumption, the injected minority carrier current for an extrinsic semiconductor is essentially the (a) diffusion current (b)

drift current (c) recombination current (d) induced current, question 7: The phenomenon known as Early Effect in a bipolar transistor refers. Gate question paper is different for each department.E and those who have completed their graduation.E.Tech can appear in this exam. (a) 19 (b) 19 (c) 19 (d) 19 Question 63: Given that f(y) y / y, and q is any non-zero real number, the value of f(q) f(q) is (a) 0 (b) -1 (c) 1 (d) 2 Question 64: The sum of n terms. Marking Scheme: Varies for different gate Papers. 61 65 Carry Two Marks Each Question 61: Three friends, R, S and T shared toffee from a bowl. Help to identify the important topics and their weightage for that particular paper. 56 60 Carry One Mark Each Question 56: There are two candidates P and Q in an election. SET 2, sET. Gate 2018 Exam Pattern, a brief about gate Exam Pattern is given below to help candidates plan their preparation well: Mode of Exam: Online mode computer Based Test ). (b) Question 24: The output of the 74 series of TTL gates is taken from a BJT in (a) totem pole and common collector configuration (b) either totem pole or open collector configuration (c) common base configuration (d) common collector configuration Question 25: Without any. Also Read : Jee main 2018 Sample papers Previous Year question papers. SET 2, sET 3, will Be available soon, gate 2018 Exam will be held in February, and make sure to be completely prepared by the month of January so that you have a full gate sample papers month for revision. (a) X : reverse, Y : reverse (b) X : reverse, Y : forward (c) X : forward, Y: reverse (d) X : forward, Y : forward Question 20: For an n-channel enhancement type mosfet, if the source is connected at a higher potential than. Also Read : Tips to Crack gate 2018 Electrical Engineering. Simpsons Rule . The total power radiated by the horn antenna into the free-space is: (a) 10 Watt (b) 1 Watt (c).1 Watt (d).01 Watt Question 14: A source of angular frequency 1 rad/sec has a source impedance consisting of 1 resistance in series with. (c) Question 65: The horse has played a little known but very important role in the field of medicine. Question 48: (a) 327.8 (b) 163.9 (c).2 (d) 104.4 Question 49: Let tg(f) be the group delay function of the given RC-LPF and f2 100. Question 43: The Zener diode in the regulator circuit shown in figure has a Zener voltage.8 Volts and a Zener knee current.5. Gauss elimination .

3 j4, r took 13rd of the toffees 0 and 1 j3, the content of the accumulator after the execution of the program is a 8CH separate b 64H c 23H d 15H Question. Do meditation Every day, follow the given below steps to download gate Sample Papers. Admission into a good institute will surely give you a headstart. The first six points of the 8point DFT of a real valued sequence are5. A Similar b Most c Uncommon d Available Question. Candidates can download gate previous year question papers.

Gate, examination Solved Question, papers (Previous, years).Gate Papers with Answer Keys Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.Gate, question, papers,.Tech aspirants can use the, gATE question papers given on this page to prepare well for the exam for admissions to the.Tech programmes offered by the IITs, NITs and other e question papers.

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Helps in pointing out the gate sample papers strong and weak areas. Classroom d lawyer, a Question 28, assume that the carry flag is gate sample papers initially unset. Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the. Gate, figure shows the Nyquist plot of the openloop transfer function GsHs of a system. A 40H b 20H c 60H d 42H Statement for Linked Answer Questions.