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easy poinsettia paper craft

to the back of the glitter circles. An angel told her to gather weeds from the side of the road and place them in the church. For the colored

poinsettia template, cut out the four small golden circles as well. Make sure the stapler is on a firm surface and insert the cut ends into the stapler. Stack the folded strips together and press the folded sides to get a crisp fold. This will be used to connect the flowers together. Green cardstock, red glitter cardstock, cutting pixel press floors paper mat, metal ruler. Safety Tips, small materials like buttons and beads are choking hazards. Bend a pipe cleaner in the middle and insert the ends through the pair of holes. I loved this idea, and after a few tweaks and a glitter addition, I love it even more. On one side of the staple, fold 23 strips over. This tutorial shows you how to make flowers in 2 sizes, but you can easily make adjustments to make a wide variety of sizes. Supplies Tools: Red cardstock, assorted shades (Construction paper is okay, too.). Trace around the flower template twice on red paper or felt and the leaf template once on green paper or felt. I now call it my 30 second gift topper. These pretty poinsettias are so easy to make, you can whip up a few strands of garland in one evening! For the colored poinsettia template, glue the 4 golden round circles included in the template. You may need to staple from both sides of the stack. This will open the petals so that it looks like a flower. Then glue glitter circles to the flowers. When youve finished adding circles to each flower, flip the garland over and repeat for the other side. Print out this poinsettia template on A4 or Letter size paper. Flip the craft back over. Watch out for this sign. Use fishing line to hang the garland wherever you like.

As you begin stapling the petals of savage background paper pecan the second flower. Color or paint the template pieces red for the flowers and green for the leaf. Repeat for the other side of the staple. A designer friend of mine introduced me to making the paper poinsettia from a cocktail napkin. You will have to punch holes one felt layer at a time. Red and green construction paper, glue the circle over the center of the flower.

Poinsettia flower, also known as the Christmas flower, the poinsettias origin.ABC TV How To Make, paper.

Crumple some yellow construction paper or tissue paper into little balls. If you chose to print out the colored poinsettia template. Glue the leaf behind the second flower. Whether you are making giant tissue paper flowers or small tissue flowers. Punch, wedding decorations and gift wrapping of all kinds. These are not suitable for kids below the age of three. For large flowers, print our poinsettia leaf template and cut it out. Use them for home decor, tissue paper is a fabulous material for its wide range in colors and delicate weight. To make the flowers center, circles, insert and staple another green strip between the petals across from the original green strip " With all pieces in place, carefully poinsettia pull the pipe cleaner all the way through until only the folded section of the pipe cleaner. Which is why it can be perfect for making paper flowers.

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