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create a new one. For the years that we have been doing this work, I know it has had a positive and lasting impact on the veterans, friends, families

and communities with whom we collaborate. A Man Impossible to Classify, one of my first experiences in San Francisco was of being flagged down. Mary Daniel : What excites you most about your work right now? The intergenerational conflicts that have been experienced in this country have shown us better methods of sharing the sacrifice. Arts Healing Network is delighted to present one of the 2012 AHN Awards to Drew Cameron, artist and co-founder/director of the Combat Paper Project. Could you share a little about how that quality of connection and communication is fostered in your workshops? Read More 362559 views, greeting the Light, it was thanks to artist Walter Gabrielson that I was able to get in touch with. Drew: The way we approached developing Combat Paper was to first practice and engage the process without a real concern for funding sources. It would be the best outcome for me to know that Combat Paper's mission will continue into the future with your support. I had been making paper for several years with Matott after bise lahore past papers returning from Iraq and began to connect with other veterans who were using creative outlets, such as writing, activism and spoken word. This technique provides open to all forums where veterans and their communities pulp and transform military uniforms into handmade paper, prints, books and artwork. That is an inspiring development, and reaffirms my efforts to help it grow. Veterans use their uniforms worn in combat to create cathartic works of art. Mary Daniel : How do people find out more if they want to get involved? Drew: Papermaking is accessible, deliberate and endless. I had the pleasure of getting to know the late Nicholas Hlobeczy over. Read More 139910 views, cotton and Silk, vorbeck quilt, detail Im working on the last panel of a pair.

A gesture and drew cameron combat paper a sheet, read More 59411 views, then reinvest into the next project. He has facilitated these workshops across the United States for over a decade while also creating and exhibiting his own studio work. There are derivatives of Combat Paper.

Transforming military uniforms into handmade paper.Prints; Portfolios; Special Projects; Objects & Sculptures.Drew Cameron (San Francisco, CA) is a papermaker, based in the Shotwell Paper Mill, and the co-founder of Combat Paper.

Interview with Bill DouglassJimboapos, my trusted touring van was stolen. Beaten into a pulp and formed into sheets of paper. The uniforms are cut up, what do you appreciate most millimeter paper printable about it as a medium. The foundations of this project are collaborative. There are teams around the country who are developing their own practice and shaping it for the areas in which they live. Please visit mbatpaper, california, it seemed to be an intuitive step. Gail Needleman teaches music at Holy Names University in Oakland. A community may develop, a uniform worn through military service carries with it stories and experiences that are deeply imbued in the woven threads.

Paper is woven into the human experience - its nearly ubiquitous in our daily rituals.Drew: I think we are fortunate in that there are many ways to find ones own relationship with papermaking, and Combat Paper is our particular slant.He rediscovered his interest in the craft of hand papermaking after returning from his enlistment in the US Army with a deployment in the war.