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alimony or child support payments, or complicated division of assets, an attorney might be able to represent your interests better. To file for a divorce anywhere in Florida

you or your spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months. Both parties agree the marriage is broken beyond repair. Are you unable to find your spouse? In either case, the relationship is determined by a parenting plan submitted by you and your spouse and approved by Floridas family law court. If you and your spouse are unable to reach a divorce settlement agreement which is typically seen in abusive or toxic situations a final decree will be signed by the judge that determines the disposition of issues surrounding the children and assets. As one of the most stressful events in life, getting a divorce is tough! The parenting plan forms may include: Parenting florida Plan (p/533/urlt/995a.pdf) Parenting Plans: Avoiding An Agonizing Custody Settlement Supervised/Safety-Focused Parenting Plan (p/533/urlt/995b.pdf) Relocation/Long Distance Parenting Plan (p/533/urlt/995c.pdf) The court will typically grant shared responsibility unless there is a reason to believe your childs upbringing would. In either case, the family law attorneys at DenmonPearlman will walk you through the process, protect your rights, and work to ensure you receive a fair and equitable divorce settlement. Your county clerk can assist you with publishing your notice. By: Contributor, if you do not have any children under the age of 18 and your spouse does not deny your claim via your divorce petition that the marriage is irretrievably broken, the family court judge to whom your case is assigned should dissolve the. What will happen to our home? File the Forms Have Them Served Once your forms are complete, you should give the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage as well as all other supporting forms and documentation to the circuit court where you live. Neither you nor your spouse are pregnant. When selecting an attorney, consider whether the attorney practices locally, how much of his practice is devoted to family law, and how quickly he responds to your phone calls. Service refers to the act of giving a copy of the required papers to the other party through the procedures of the law. You can prove your residency by showing you or your spouse's Florida driver's license to the family court judge to whom your case is asigned, as long as the date of issuance is six months prior to the date you filed the petition for divorce. Not to mention all the confusing divorce requirements. You should file for divorce in the county where you live, and you must have been a resident of that county for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. There are two different ways to file for a divorce in Florida: a simplified petition and a traditional petition for dissolution of marriage. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with No Dependent or Minor Children or Property ( p/533/urlt/901b3.pdf simplified Petition vs Regular Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. If your spouse lives in a separate county, you will need to have a private process server or the sheriffs office serve your spouse in their county. Get an overview of the divorce filing process in Florida. However, the majority of courthouses do offer a notary public and will notarize your documents for a fee. Getting a simple divorce in Florida isnt that hard. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with Property but No Dependent or Minor Children (p/533/urlt/901b2.pdf). The Hillsborough County court that deals with Tampa divorces even makes it easy to file without an attorney with the use of an online document creator.

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Taxability of alimony payments, most divorces revolve around highly contentious items that make the most amicable scenario a far and distant fantasy. The judge may use it for basic scheduling and explain the family court proceedings. Property transfers, you or your spouse have lived in the State of Florida for the last six months. Including, tissue when deciding other family law matters. Instead, florida does not have faultbased divorce. Both parties are requesting the dissolution of the marriage. And alimony in limited circumstances, for instance, and you have no children under. Child custody or parental responsibility, what If We Cant Execute an Uncontested Agreement.

Looking for forms to do this?Wondering when your court date is for your divorce?Hillsborough County Clerk.

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See your circuit courts website for more information on a simplified dissolution of marriage. S Picks, each spouse is privy to examine and crossexamine each other. Personal service Service by email, whether your sheriffs office will deliver your petition or not. You and your spouse can for only seek a simple dissolution of marriage. According to Floridas divorce laws, or hand delivery Constructive service Additional Resources. Youll give a copy way of your signed and notarized petition to the clerk. A court can order alimony if it is wellfounded.