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joining their group. When you are ready to contact potential supervisors, approaching them by email is a good initial step. If you are visiting McGill, consider meeting up with

some students in person to discuss working phd with this supervisor. If youre applying from overseas, you have to be at least vaguely cognisant that scholarships dont grow on trees. I am also available to review these emails as a consultant. I have.0 GPA and experience in our colleges summer program in xxx/internship program in xxx/Honors College/etc. Paragraph 2: Connect your research to that of the potential advisor. This is one area I could see myself exploring further in research as a graduate student. Once the online relationship and dialogue have been established, you can send your. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Unfortunately for those making the inquiry, I trash most of them almost immediately. I am in the process of conducting my own study examining the effects of A on B and expect to find hypothesis. Taking the time to find a supervisor who will complement your research and learning style will help to ensure the success of this relationship. While some will expect you to connect with a potential supervisor prior to applying, others will assign a supervisor to you after you have been accepted.

By looking at a Faculty members CV and talking to them as well as to their current and former students. Etc, with a focus on xxx, think about whats already been done in the field and do a little background reading. How many students have they supervised through to graduation. Every department at McGill has papers different admissions procedures. I wish to write you to seek for supervision towards PhD degree. Id say that about 90 of them are oneliners that go something like this. Expected attendance at journal clubs, send emails to potential advisors in August October before applications are due in November January.

paper Another important topic is english language if you cannot speak write english well. I am especially interested in how X from your studies relates to Y from my study. Let the mail be proofread by somebody who can according to the way the question is written. First, guidance package, i hope you dont mind my getting in touch. I probably receive an average white of 34 such requests per week via email.

Professors are inundated daily with emails from their current students, other faculty and administrators at the university, collaborators all over the world, journalists, and others.But professors are busy and distracted, and it may take a little extra effort to get through.To be clear - I have received a PhD student, a postdoc, and a senior postdoc position without ever being asked for a SOP or letter of motivation.