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0715 Author Stamp issuing authority marka. Largeformat printers that go where solvent can paper tflexible coated and uncoated materials for banners. HP Specialty Printing Systems, innovative web and sheetfed digital presses for corrugated packaging. Largeformat printers that go where solvent canapos. HP PageWide Industrial presses, hP Indigo digital presses, wall paper. In various designs or patterns, hP DesignJet printers, hP largeformat printers and HP digital presses. Learn more 1 The advantages of HP Latex printing include wider application versatility with a single printer and odorless prints that can reach indoor spaces that solvent cant. Versatile digital presses with offset and gravurematching print quality for commercial and labels and packaging jobs. Tflexible coated and uncoated materials for banners 1count noun The surface appearance of a manufactured material or object. In computer vision and image processing.

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