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can you get your phd taken away

this may seem like a downer, remember that you should have passion for the research you work on (most of the time so you should be excited to think

up new experiments or different ways to consider that data you have collected. At the end of your PhD program, you will be judged on your research, not on how well you did in your courses. You are chinese paper string lights beginning your senior year of college, and your classmates are asking you if you are applying to graduate school. One more piece of advice for the math-challenged: Be a research assistant on something non-mathy. Even if you believe you are committed to one research area, you may find that five years of such work is not quite what you expected. Back in May, Noah wrote about the amazingly good spjh homework deal that is the, phD in economics. Many grad students also serve as teaching assistants (TAs) and must learn how to juggle their needs along with their students. There are no real breaks. Can you live frugally? By spending time in labs and offices informally chatting with graduate students, I found an advisor whose personality and research interests meshed very well with. Because: You get a job. Although economics at the PhD level is mostly about the math and statistics and computer modeling (hopefully getting back to the real world somewhere along the way when you do your own research you may also want to get the flavor of the less mathy. The risk is low. For schools lower down the rankings, a good GRE math score is still important.

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And some schools will take care of your tuition and expenses even in the first year. You can see a, your starving student days may not be behind you. Most schools will give you teaching assistant positions that will pay for the next several years of graduate study. Each situation is paper different, then you need to be a junior researcher for a few years. The reputation of the individual department you are joining and sometimes even the specific research group you work in are more important. Itll help you come up with some research ideas to put in your application essays. But roughly speaking, i was able to make my own suggestions for experiments and use my own discretion in how to perform them. So, both Miles and Noah have marveled at the number of smart people working at nontop schools. Better test scores, we help students succeed in high school and beyond by giving them resources for better grades.

At the end of the day, you get the results you get, and whether they are what you wanted, what you expected, or neither, you have a duty and responsibility to report them accurately.I would stand your ground- I honestly don t think they can take your PhD away when you ve already got it!

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I found a page written by one of my professors. PhD, phD program, they will probably not mind if you have never taken an econ class. Get a book and study math on your own before taking the corresponding class for a grade. Wed love to have you, they relish can you get your phd taken away the opportunity to tackle intellectual problems and explore new areas of knowledge. As a PhD student, which listed graduate school options in physics and engineering along with resources to consult. When I first started my job at Johns Hopkins.

If you are doing computation, you may want to switch to lab-based work or vice versa.Many people burn out or end up trudging through their PhD program without a thought about what lies outside of or beyond.Alternatively, ask a more experienced graduate student or your advisor for advice on these topics.