Archduke / Archduchess A title derived from the Greek Archon ruler; higher and the Latin Dux leader.Des Master of Design MDiv Master of Divinity MDrama Master of Drama MDS Master of Dental Surgery MEd Master of Education MET Master of Educational Technology MEng Master of Engineering MFA Master of Fine Arts MHA Master of Healthcare Administration MHist Master of History MLitt.

Accounting paper title

percentage-of completion method to account for long-term engineering contracts. The percentage-of-completion method recognizes a portion of the estimated gross profit for each period based on progress to date. Prior

Hendrick He looked at the title of the book; it was, His Excellency the Fool.The title of the painting is A Winter Evening'.The feminine equivalent is Chieftess.

Adult woman (usually just for married women, widows, and divorcées).In Scotland " Lord of Parliament " and "Lady of Parliament" are the equivalents of Baron and Baroness in England.Rubios Embargo Anger Plays to the Past Michael TomaskyDecember 19, 2014 daily beast.