Adipose tissue constitutes the fat of meat The tissue cells can regenerate themselves.These tissues are mainly of two types: sclerenchyma fiber and sclereids.The end walls, however, are full of small pores where cytoplasm extends from cell to cell.

1 Rays are horizontal rows of long-living parenchyma cells that arise out of the vascular cambium.Meristematic tissues that take up a specific role lose the ability to divide.Meristematic tissue cells have a large nucleus with small or no vacuoles, and no intercellular spaces.

For example, the origin of the cells comprising a particular tissue type may differ developmentally for different classifications of animals.Cells are thin-walled but possess thickening of cellulose, water and pectin substances ( pectocellulose ) at the corners where a number of cells join together.Muscle tissue is separated into three distinct categories: visceral or smooth muscle, found in the inner linings of organs ; skeletal muscle, typically attached to bones, which generate gross movement; and cardiac muscle, found in the heart, where it contracts to pump blood throughout.