Scissors (szz) pl.In the horror game series, Clock Tower, there is a character called Scissorman, who has a variety of identities as the main antagonist throughout the series.Add Synopsis, plot Keywords: neo noir apartment directorial debut one word title suspense, see All (24) taglines: Angie is about to step over the edge.

See more » Goofs Supposedly taking place in Chicago (though there's no attempt to give even the barest hint of it being in Chicago - the apartment building is very LA but the sloppiness gets very evident when you see the (213) Los Angeles area.Scissors Scissors are a small tool consisting of two sharp blades joined together, used for cutting things such as paper, cloth, or hair.

The center of the bar was heated, bent to form the spring, then cooled and reheated to make it flexible.However, most "ambidextrous" scissors are in fact still right-handed in that the upper blade is on the right, and hence is on the outside when held in the right hand.