Swiss-born officer who served in the French and British armies.N gn roll2 noun a list of names, eg of pupils in a school etc.A pair of roller-skates.

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Datanglah koma nær, ganga fram avvicinarsi prieiti sanciet!; sank!A garden roller; a road-roller.To move on wheels, rollers etc.

Emerging markets, too, are on a roll.Synonyms of roll canon, catalog (or catalogue checklist, list, listing, menu, register, registry, roll call, roster, schedule, table, words Related to roll agenda, bibliography, catalogue raisonné, compendium, compilation, directory, docket, enumeration, glossary, index, inventory, manifest, payroll calendar, chronology, timetable 2 roll noun Synonyms and Antonyms.On a roll, experiencing a particularly successful period, without any setbacks or low points.