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Further reading and listening edit Bogdanov,.; Woodstra,.; Erlewine,.T., eds.Millward, From Blues to Rock: an Analytical History of Pop Music (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1987 isbn,.162 Many Christian rock performers have ties to the contemporary Christian music scene, while other bands and artists are closely linked to independent music.

11 Since the late 1950s 12 and particularly from the mid 1960s onwards, rock music often used the verse-chorus structure derived from blues and folk music, but there has been considerable variation from this model.189 Heartland rock edit Main article: Heartland rock American working-class oriented heartland rock, characterized by a straightforward musical style, and a concern with the lives of ordinary, blue-collar American people, developed in the second half of the 1970s.143 The origins of glam rock are associated with Marc Bolan, who had renamed his folk duo.