The 2019, sciPy John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Contest is accepting submissions until June 8th!A point or points located on a map or chart: target plot.Orm and his commandos meet with David, as they are in cahoots and Orm had David orchestrate the submarine attack.

To determine and mark (points as on plotting paper, by means of measurements or coordinates.All that's left is to plot (arrange) the sequence of events for maximum suspense.British Dictionary definitions for plot plot 1 noun a secret plan to achieve some purpose, esp one that is illegal or underhanda plot to overthrow the government the story or plan of a play, novel, etc military a graphic representation of an individual or tactical.

He tells Arthur that the legend of Atlan's trident is real, as it belonged to the founding king Atlan (Graham McTavish) and was forged from powerful steel, designed to allow someone worthy to rule over Atlantis.Orm also explains his position and hatred for the surface world due to the harm that they have inflicted upon the oceans.Arthur is brought before Orm so that they can finally meet.