Image caption The Sun is brazen in its criticism of Mr Bercow, claiming that he "stuck two fingers up.4 million Brexit voters" and calls his move a "huge blow" to hopes of an exit on 29 March.The paper says the "ultimatum" was given by Eurosceptic MPs, as she tries to gather more support for her Brexit deal.Image caption The Daily Express's headline calls Mr Bercow "The Brexit Destroyer" after his statement, which he based on a parliamentary rule dating from 1604.

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are all of the books Ive recommended in the past (updated once per year). Scrapbooking has been my passion for years and I love being able to share it

Image caption Meanwhile, up to 30 Conservative MPs have told Mrs May that they will only support her Brexit plan if she promises to resign as PM, the i newspaper reports.York, PA 17408, copyright 2018 Smoker's Outlet Online All rights reserved.Stay connected to your research, copy the references you are currently reading into your reading list, then access them wherever you are using your web browser.

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