Some Examples: For the example, the regular text is the general introduction to the topic.Late 14c., "act of bringing into existence from Old French introduccion and directly from Latin introductionem (nominative introductio) "a leading in noun of action from past participle stem of introducere "to lead in, bring in, to introduce from intro- "inward, to the inside" (see intro.It follows the foreword (if there is one) and is also part of the front matter.

The introduction is always by the author.Introduction (in music a section which precedes the main theme of a work or one of its parts and which prepares the way for the appearance of that theme.

Introduction, union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the ussr or the Soviet Union) is the first socialist all-peoples state in history, expressing the will and interests of the working class, peasantry, and intelligentsia and of all the nations ( natsii.An introduction may be either very brief or very lengthy; it may be composed of passages or chords (the finale of Beethovens Symphony.The southernmost point is the aul (mountain village) of Childukhter, near the city of Kushka (3508 N lat.).