22 However, it has been shown that in a vacuum environment (such as in technologies for use in space graphite degrades as a lubricant, due to the hypoxic conditions.4 Small graphitic crystals in meteoritic iron are called cliftonite.42 Intercalated graphite edit Main article: Graphite intercalation compound Structure of CaC6 Graphite forms intercalation compounds with some metals and small molecules.

Graphite on paper

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A GAN estimate of current US natural graphite consumption in this end use is 7,500 tonnes.The Dixon pencil is still in production.

Journal of Chemical Education."Characterisation of the spatial variability of material properties of Gilsocarbon and NBG-18 using random fields".For this reason, the US Air Force banned its use as a lubricant in aluminium aircraft, 27 and discouraged its use in aluminium-containing automatic weapons.