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When it was retired, Extended included the most recent four years of blocks and core sets, with the oldest year rotating out upon the release of a new block each autumn.Extended - drawn out or made longer spatially; "Picasso's elongated Don Quixote "lengthened skirts are fashionable this year "the extended airport runways can accommodate larger planes "a prolonged black line across the page" elongated, lengthened, prolonged long - primarily spatial sense; of relatively great.It is for authorized use only.

DO NOT LOG IN if you do not agree to the conditions stated in this notice.Extended - large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity; "an extensive Roman settlement in northwest England " extended farm lands "surgeons with extended experience "they suffered extensive damage" extensive big, large - above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude.Modern continued to rise, Wizards of the Coast made the decision to retire.