Sense of "not difficult to deal with" is mid-14c.; of conditions, "comfortable late 14c.Where a fixed expression is not involved, the usual adverbial form of easily is preferred: this polish goes on more easily (not easier) than the other Collins English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons.

(of a commodity) not difficult to obtain; in plentiful supply and often weak in price.Easy Street first printed 1901 in "Peck's Red-Headed Boy." Easy money attested by 1896; to take it easy "relax" is from 1867; easy does it recorded by 1891.Adjective -z easier; easiest 1a : causing or involving little difficulty or discomfort within easy reach b : requiring or indicating little effort, thought, or reflection easy clichés 2a : not severe : lenient hopes they'll be easy on him b : not steep.

Ee-zee adjective, easier, easiest."It'll be no easy matter marrying that girl he told Mrs.