Chapter Music, a record label, a local assembly of a trade union, chapter (Navajo Nation), the most local form of government in the Navajo Nation.Chapter (religion), an assembly of members in a religious order.

Synonyms for chapter, see more synonyms for on.Take THE quiz, test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.Boreal comes from the name of the ancient Greek god of which wind?

From 259 PW, highbury, from 235 pw, portobello.Full Calendar, caffi Bar, chapter Voices, rhiannon White and Charlotte Lewis.C.1200, "main division of a book from Old French chapitre (12c.) "chapter (of a book article (of a treaty chapter (of a cathedral alteration of chapitle, from Late Latin capitulum, diminutive of caput (genitive capitis) "head" (see capitulum ).