Rivers : some political borders have been formalized along natural borders formed by rivers.Even if the goods are not perceived to be undesirable, states will still seek to document and regulate the cross-border trade in order to collect tariffs and benefit from foreign currency exchange revenues.11 12 With international agreement a country can assume the responsibility of protecting or controlling the atmosphere over International Airspaces such as the Pacific Ocean.

"Wildlife preserve planned for Korean demilitarized zone".16 Open borders used to be very common amongst all nations.Explore m, origin of border 132575; Middle English bordure Anglo-French, Old French, equivalent to bord(er) to border (derivative of bord ship's side, edge Germanic; see board ) -ure -ure, related formsbordered, adjectiveborderless, adjectivetransborder, adjectiveunbordered, adjective.

"demilitarized zone (DMZ) Definition, Facts, Pictures".One example is the natural border created by Lake Tanganyika, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia on its west shore and Tanzania and Burundi on the east.Nijmegen Centre for Border Research.