Aristotle and Biology Although Aristotle was not technically a scientist by todays definitions, science was among the subjects that he researched at length during his time at the Lyceum.His inquiries were conducted in a genuinely scientific spirit, and he was always ready to confess ignorance where evidence was insufficient.It is important for the poet to visualize all of the scenes when creating the plot.

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the intellectual virtues without also possessing the virtues of character, even for the so-called 'theoretical' intellectual virtues. It also appears clear that he was influenced greatly by Aristotle. Regardless

22 The Chorus too should be regarded as one of the actors.Threats can be resolved (best last) by being done in knowledge, done in ignorance and then discovered, almost be done in ignorance but be discovered in the last moment.

Some of Aristotle s writings also belong to this period, though mostly they survive only in fragments.However, recent work is now challenging whether.