A lot of job ads tell you to send your salary history along with a resume and cover letter.YOU: Right now Im focusing on jobs in the seventy-five kay range, so if thats a match for you it makes sense for us to keep talking.Them: So, what were you earning at Acme Explosives?

You can give them what they need by specifying your salary target instead of your salary history.When you dont see your own value, youre going to bring in employers who will undervalue and mistreat you.If you dont want to find yourself in a room like that facing questions like that again, step outside the lines yourself and contact your hiring manager directly the next time.

If youre having an especially high-mojo moment, you can answer the Salary History question this way: them: So, what were you earning over at Acme Explosives?Is that within your range?Is the HR person going to tell you what he or she is earning?