In fact, the accident helicopter is not as dangerous as the crash because the place is usually at low altitude.In the manufacture of propellers for modern helicopters used light and flexible material is present in the construction of the protection of stainless steel that protects the blade against sand and dirt.One way or otherwise, the readiness of the aircraft to fly depends on many factors of a technical nature and condition of the crew, so when you see the movie character climbs into the cockpit and immediately leaps to the runway, do not believe.

Want to receive regular updates about Room for Debate discussions?Metal surprisingly easily deformed in a collision, and because of the specific shape of the blade does not cut a person, but rather inflicts a heavy blow, so in case of emergency should still stay away from the rotor (rotor helicopter).Some of the most popular films in which there are scenes of air crashes, "The Aviator "Flying "Cast Away" and others, clearly give the viewer understand that when there is an extraordinary situation, the cabin crew crowded cacophony of sounds of different instruments and sensors.

If you believe in such films as "X-Men "The" A " or "Independence Day a man is worth nothing and just take a fly on a plane, regardless of its size and type.In fact, the pilot must be fully focused to understand when the situation may get out of control, therefore, as a rule, no noisy claims and accusations in such moments do not arise - the crews of cruise machines are specially trained in any situation.Subscribe on that discussion page.